Advantages of Smart CNC EDM for High Precision Machining

Electronica has developed a Smart CNC EDM machine that offers cost-effective solutions for precision machining. This article discusses the benefits of using the Smart CNC EDM machine for high-precision machining.

One of the most significant features of the Smart CNC EDM machine is its ability to operate unattended during weekends and nights. This feature enables the machine to complete tasks without the need for human intervention, thus increasing productivity.


The Smart CNC EDM Machine

The Smart CNC EDM machine has a medium-sized build with travel distances of X, Y, and Z at 300, 200, and 250 mm, respectively. The machine has a 50Amp S 50 CNC advanced pulse generator and a work tank size of 800 x 500 x 350 mm. The machine is capable of producing a surface finish better than 0.29 Micron Ra, with electrode wear of less than 0.2%.

Advanced Features of the Smart CNC EDM Machine

The Smart CNC EDM machine has an advanced intelligent CNC pulse generator that offers a ‘Definable erosion axis’ eliminating the need for a change of setup. The CNC controller incorporates ‘PMAC’ technology that allows for unlimited machining possibilities in any plane (XY, XZ, and YZ) and the highest efficiency in a single set up for the most complicated profile machining. The built-in utility software ‘GURU’ makes programming the machine very easy.

CNC Applications of the Smart CNC EDM Machine

Other features of the Smart CNC EDM machine include a high-speed jump that increases machining efficiency for deep cavity machining, adaptive anti-arc, and flushing control that continuously monitors the gap condition and takes pulse-to-pulse corrective action, eliminating the need for operator intervention. The Safe Machining feature facilitates the machining of small profiles without losing sharpness, thus improving electrode life.

Optional C Axis for Threading and Indexing

The Smart CNC EDM machine has basic and advanced 2D and 3D orbital cycles, including circular, polygon, vector, and spherical cycles. It also has various CNC applications, including linear array with 3D orbital cycles, PCD with 3D orbital cycles, assorted with 3D orbital cycles, horizontal machining, contouring, xyz machining, 3D machining, and orbiting, groove machining, circular threading, and corner sharpening.

Benefits of the Smart CNC EDM Machine

In addition to the CNC applications, the Smart CNC EDM machine also has an optional C Axis that enables threading, indexing, rack machining, internal threading, and external threading.

Precision Machining Made Easy with the Smart CNC EDM Machine

The Smart CNC EDM machine offers a cost-effective solution for precision machining, with advanced features that enable unattended operation, unlimited machining possibilities, and easy programming. The machine is ideal for high-precision machining applications, including contouring, groove machining, and circular threading.



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