Do You Care About the Price of CNC Custom Machining Service?

CNC custom machining is widely used in the manufacturing industry, and the price of this service is a crucial factor for businesses and customers alike. The cost of CNC custom machining is determined by various factors such as depreciation, labor costs, material cost, power cost structure, and consumable supplies cost.

CNC Machining

I.Machine Depreciation

The cost of CNC milling machines is high, making machine depreciation a significant part of the overall cost of CNC custom machining. Businesses need to consider whether the machine is cost-optimal and can meet their future needs before investing in a CNC milling machine.

Customers can provide their equipment for processing, reducing the cost of the machine for the foundry business. Moreover, idle equipment should be utilized to reduce resource waste, and a database of machining parameters can save processing manpower for the same product.

II.Consumable Supplies Cost

Consumable supplies such as tools and cutting fluids are essential in the CNC custom machining process. To reduce the cost of consumables, businesses can consider working with multiple suppliers for cost control and supply chain management. Moreover, after the tool is worn, it can be repaired to reduce costs and improve the quality of the product.

Routine maintenance of the milling machine is necessary to reduce the harm caused by friction and ensure the normal use of CNC milling machines. This can be achieved by providing additional supplies for the routine maintenance of the machine.

In conclusion, the price of CNC custom machining service is essential for businesses and customers. By understanding the factors that contribute to the overall cost, businesses can make informed decisions and optimize their manufacturing processes to achieve cost-effectiveness and high-quality products.


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