Peek Tubing: The Applications of High-Performance Material in Liquid Chromatography

What is Peek Tubing? Peek Tubing is a high-performance material widely used in liquid chromatography instruments. It is made of polyetheretherketone (PEEK), which has many excellent properties, such as high strength, stiffness, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and biocompatibilityPEEK tubing extrusion equipment

Peek Tubing Sizes:

Applications in Liquid Chromatography(Peek Tubing HPLC)

In liquid chromatography instruments, Peek Tubing is mainly used to connect various instruments and components, such as pumps, detectors, samplers, and chromatography columns. Peek Tubing has excellent chemical resistance and stability and can withstand high-pressure and high-temperature conditions, thus ensuring the accuracy and precision of chromatographic analysis.

Applications in Liquid Chromatography

Peek Tubing in Other Fields

Peek Tubing also has good biocompatibility, making it widely used in the biomedical field, such as separation and purification of proteins and peptides, analysis and quality control of drugs, etc. In these applications, Peek Tubing can ensure the purity and stability of samples, thereby improving the reliability of analytical results.

The Importance of Peek Tubing in High-Performance Applications

In addition to its application in liquid chromatography, Peek Tubing is also widely used in other fields such as petrochemical, aerospace, electronics, and semiconductor. Peek Tubing can withstand extreme environmental conditions and high pressure and temperature, so it is used to manufacture high-performance pipelines, valves, pumps, and sensors.

Peek Tubing in High-Performance Applications

Advantages of Peek Tubing in Biomedical Applications

Peek Tubing is a very useful high-performance material, and its wide application in liquid chromatography and other fields demonstrates its outstanding performance and reliability.


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