Engineering Material Selection

Aluminum Material

Aluminum material properties:

1. Strong corrosion resistance: surface corrosion resistance is very high, can effectively prevent acid, alkali.Salt erosion.

2. Used in harsh environment, it can also ensure more than 30 years of life without corrosion.No aging. No fading.It doesn’t come off.

3. Feel smooth and delicate, bright and bright appearance.

Excellent surface treatment performance:

Aluminum as the anode, placed in the electrolyte for electrolysis, the substrate surface formed a layer of protective oxide film to form aluminum oxide.

Main features of alumina:

1. It has strong wear resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance.

2. Can form a variety of colors on the surface of the substrate, very suitable for custom color requirements.

Select different types of aluminum according to different applications:

1060 — 1100-2011-2014 — 2219 — 3003 — 3004 — 5005 — 5050 — 5052 — 5056-5083 — 5086 — 5252-6063 — 6061 — 6101 —6151 — 6463 — 7049 — 7052 — 7178-7475

Copper Material

Copper has excellent ductility, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, strong diamagnetism.
We choose different types of copper materials for different performance products. Copper materials are tough, soft and malleable.
Pure copper conducts electricity and heat very well, second only to silver, but copper is much cheaper than silver.

Select different types of copper according to different applications:

Pure copper – Brass – Bronze – Copper – nickel alloy – Phosphor bronze – Red copper

Plastic Material

Plastic platefor the synthesis of polymer compounds.

Different product components have different requirements for the performance of plastic materials. We are familiar with more than 20 kinds of plastic materials with CNC processing technology

Our commonly used materials:


Steel Material

Stainless steel surface smooth high, high plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength, acid, alkaline gas, solution and other media corrosion resistance.

It is an alloy steel that does not rust easily.

Excellent material properties, is widely used in the manufacture of all kinds of mechanical parts and customized all kinds of high precision parts, stainless steel material resistance to atmospheric, steam and water and other media corrosion.

Our commonly used materials:



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