Applications and Advantages of Laser Cutting Technology in Industrial Manufacturing

Introduction to Laser Cutting Technology: Laser cutting technology uses lasers to cut materials and is mainly used in industrial manufacturing and engineering application development. This technology uses computer software to perform high-speed, high-precision laser cutting processing on the material to obtain edges with high-quality surface smoothness.

Industrial laser cutting machines are mainly used for cutting flat materials, as well as structural and pipe materials, and are a precision CNC laser cutting technology.

Laser Cutting Technology

Types of Lasers Used in Sheet Metal Fabrication

In the sheet metal business, the most commonly used laser machines are used for sheet metal laser cutting. Carbon dioxide lasers are mainly used for precise cutting; neodymium and neodymium-yttrium-aluminum-garnet lasers are similar in style but differ in application. CO2 lasers and Nd/Nd-YAG lasers can both be used for welding.

Laser Cutting Technology

Advantages of CO2 Lasers in Cutting and Welding

Common CO2 lasers include fast axial flow, slow axial flow, transverse flow, and slab lasers. CO2 lasers are typically “pumped” by passing a current through a gas mixture (DC excitation) or using radio frequency energy (RF excitation). RF methods are newer and have become more popular. Due to the DC design requiring electrodes inside the cavity, they may encounter electrode erosion and electrode material plating of glassware and optics. RF resonators have external electrodes, so they are less likely to have these problems. In addition to the power source, the type of airflow also affects performance. In fast axial flow resonators, a mixture of carbon dioxide, helium, and nitrogen circulates at high speed through a turbine or blower.

Transverse flow lasers cycle the mixed gas at a lower speed and require a simpler blower. Slab or diffusion-cooled resonators have a static gas field and do not require pressurization or glassware, resulting in savings on turbine and glassware replacement.

Laser Cutting Technology

Benefits of Laser Cutting over Traditional Mechanical Cutting Methods

Compared to mechanical cutting, laser cutting has better work holding and a higher operating speed that is many times faster than conventional mechanical cutting. Laser cutting also has higher size accuracy.

Laser Cutting Technology


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