Components of CNC Machine Tools

CNC machine tools are used to control the movement of machines and are widely used in various industries. The components of a CNC machine tool include control media, numerical control devices, servo systems, and machine tools.Components of CNC Machine Tools

Control Media

The control media is used to input the command parameters to the CNC machine tool. The standard control media used is perforated tape, which is perforated with 8 units and has a width of 25.4mm and a thickness of 0.108mm. The perforated tape has synchronization holes and 8 information holes per line, which can be arranged in different combinations to represent different codes.

The perforated tape is read by the numerical control device, which converts the perforated tape into numerical data to identify and deal with the electrical signal, and then sends the order information to the CNC device.

Components of CNC Machine Tools

Numerical Control Device

The numerical control device is the hub of CNC machine tools and is responsible for receiving input media information, identifying its source, storing, computing, and outputting the corresponding pulse to drive the servo system command.

The computer numerical control machine tool’s role is completed by the computer, which has computing devices, controllers, and other units.

Components of CNC Machine Tools

Servo System

The servo system is responsible for converting the pulse signal from the CNC device into the movement of the machine’s moving parts. This ensures that the table (or slide board) is precisely positioned or moves according to the prescribed trajectory of relative motion required for processing the required parts. The commonly used servo drive components in the CNC machine tool are stepper motor power, electro-hydraulic pulse motor, DC servo motor, and servo motor.

Machine Tools

The machine tool is the physical component of the CNC machine tool and is responsible for cutting the workpiece. The CNC machine tool design requires a more stringent and sophisticated manufacturing requirement than general machine tools. The design of the machine tool considers the need for cutting large, continuous machining accuracy, heat distortion, and automation. Therefore, many new and enhanced rigidity measures are used in the design to improve the accuracy of the CNC machine tool.

Components of CNC Machine Tools


The components of CNC machine tools include control media, numerical control devices, servo systems, and machine tools. The use of perforated tapes as control media, numerical control devices as the hub, servo systems as the pulse signal converter, and the design of the machine tool to improve accuracy are some of the essential components of CNC machine tools.


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