Guide to Cleaning Precision Machined CNC Components

After precision machining, the machined components are often covered with cutting fluids, grease, dirt, and other debris, which can affect the quality of the final product.

This guide will discuss the importance of cleaning these components and the methods used to achieve clean and grease-free surfaces.

Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Line

SINCO-CNC Precision Manufacturing uses an automatic ultrasonic cleaning line to ensure that all precision machined components are thoroughly cleaned. This cleaning line utilizes ultrasonic vibration to remove oil, dirt, and other contaminants from complex-shaped, high-precision parts such as those used in the optical, automotive, electronic, medical, and machinery industries.

By using a control device, the product is automatically inserted into the cleaning pool, and each cleaning program is completed with precision.

Cleaning Precision Machined CNC Components

Cleaning Methods

Depending on the requirements of the specific part, different cleaning methods can be used. Water or purified water can be used for basic cleaning, while chemical detergents can be added to the cleaning solution for tougher contaminants. To prevent scratching, we design suitable racks for different parts during the cleaning process. After cleaning, all parts are fed into a dryer to ensure they are completely dry and free of grease.


Deburring with Ultrasonic Cleaning

Burr is an inevitable byproduct of metal processing and can affect the appearance, assembly, performance, and life of the final product. Ultrasonic cleaning can help remove small burrs from precision machined parts. An abrasive suspension is added to the liquid, and the free abrasive is obtained by ultrasonic impact energy on the workpiece surface. The abrasive then remove the burr from the part.


Advantages of Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Line

Using an automatic ultrasonic cleaning line offers several advantages, including saving working time, providing a safe working environment, achieving a clean surface of the product, and removing burrs from precision machined parts.



At SINCO-CNC, we understand the importance of providing our customers with high-quality precision machined components. That is why we use an automatic ultrasonic cleaning line to ensure that all our parts are thoroughly cleaned before shipment. By using this method, we can guarantee that our customers receive clean, grease-free, and burr-free products every time.

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