Basics of CNC Turning: Hubs, Rods, Bushes, Pulleys, and Shafts

CNC turning is a highly efficient machining process used to produce a variety of machine parts, including hubs, rods, bushes, pulleys, and shafts. It involves the use of a lathe to generate materials by inserting a single cutter point into the material and turning it. The cutting process is executed through a cutting tool applied either parallel or at a right angle to the axis of the workpiece.

The tool may also be fitted at an angle relative to the workpiece axis for machining angles and tapers.

CNC machining

Cutting Process in CNC Turning

There are various shapes available in CNC turning such as pointed, simple, radius with profile, threaded surface, curve, and fillet. CNC turning is more economical than CNC milling for producing the actual form. The material used for CNC turning should be firm and can be of solid plastics. For short-running procedures, alternative machines or arrangements should be kept in place. CNC turning reduces the cost by minimizing the design elements.


Shapes Available in CNC Turning

CNC turning involves applying pressure on the workpiece or the weaker material to form flexible shapes of the material. Sometimes, the cut surface is formed through CNC by applying the helical feed as it results in rotation. On the other hand, the process through which the workpiece is eliminated from a material block with the help of the rotation of the tool is known as CNC milling.

The workpiece can rotate in a perpendicular or circular way to produce different shapes and sizes. The cutting tool generally rotates in the CNC milling at an axis in a perpendicular form on the podium to generate various structures.

Comparison of CNC Turning and CNC Milling

A variety of shapes can be formed through CNC milling, such as 3D or 2D, and some compound structured material. CNC milling is also very economical for short procedures. It is utilized to make different parts of engines, multifaceted mechanisms, enclosures, molds, and custom tooling.

Applications of CNC Turning

CNC turning is a very effective machining process used to create various machine parts of different shapes, which are essential for running the machine.


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